Nike SB Dunk high strawberry cough 🍓

Nike SB Dunk high strawberry cough 🍓

After almost two years of waiting, the new pair designated by the artist Todd Bratrud finally sees the light of day on this Friday, October 22 (even if some skateshops still have delivery delays, hum hum...).
Dunk high strawberry cough
This collaboration with many winks was to see the light of day during the celebration of 4/20, the day of the weed.

Pushed back for many reasons, this pair of Nike SB Dunk high is inspired by a strain of cannabis named "Strawberry Cough", a sativa hybrid unique for its strawberry-like taste.🍓

Nike strawberry cough
The pair of shoes is composed of a transparent outsole of bluish color and mainly made of a red leather on the front part of the shoe with patterns similar to the texture of a strawberry.

Green suede and many different textures are present on the heel, with an embroidery of a coughing strawberry, a green suede swoosh will accompany your shoe.
Nike sb strawberry cough
Your Dunk high strawberry cough is made up of many winks like a secret pocket in the tongue to hide a lot of things (hum...hum...), with a well-pronounced ankle stem to remind you of stems of a strawberry. 🍓

It will come with 3 different sets of laces, a strawberry red, an orange lace followed by a dark green.

You will be asked for a short questionnaire during the raffle, we will select 3 winners to send you a print numbered and signed by Todd Bratrud. ✅
Todd Bratrud print strawberry cough nike

As usual, registrations are here for the raffle, it's here 👈 🍓