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How to choose your trucks

Turn, Grinder, Trucks are one of the most important parts of your Skateboard. Choosing the right trucks is therefore essential. Width, height, configuration, this article is here to help you make the right choice when making your purchase. 


1. Anatomy of a truck

Skateboard trucks are made up of several different parts: axles, hangers, pivots and bearings. All of these parts have an impact on the performance of your skateboard and the type and size of skate trucks you choose - or which will fit your skateboard - directly affect your stability.  

      1.  secure the trucks to the skateboard deck with screws and nuts.
      2. Gums: The gums are the Polyurethane rings mounted around the kingping. They allow you to control your movements. You want to change your erasers, it's by here.
      3. Kingpin: This is the central axis that connects the base and the hanger. The big bolt come tighten the gums and the hanger 
      4. Hanger: This is the main component of your trucks, it will be used in particular for grinding. The outer part of the hanger is called the pivot and is housed in the in the recess located on the base. The inner part of the hanger is connected to the base by the kingpin and is held by the nut. The hanger is mostly made of aluminum.
      5. The axis: It is the titan or steel bar which crosses the hanger right through. The visible parts of the axle are used to install the wheels and bearings of your skateboard. The ends of your axle should line up (or close to the sides of your board.
      6. Axle nuts: These are the nuts that will allow you to keep the wheels on the axle. Be careful not to over tighten them.
      7. Speedring: The speedrings are the small washers which helps prevent contact and friction between the bearings and the hanger on the inside and the bearings and the axle nut on the outside.
      8. Washers: Washers are the metal discs placed on the kingpin below the lower gum and above the upper gum. The washers allow the forces to be distributed over the rubber during a rotation. 

2. Choosing the right size of skateboard trucks

To choose the right skateboard trucks, you must first know the width of your board. Trucks should always adapt to the width of your skateboard.

The most common configuration is for the axle of the trucks to be almost the same width as that of your deck - this configuration provides the most stability. Note that it is very important that your trucks do not exceed the width of the board. 

Truck sizes are unfortunately not standardized, so each brand uses its own rating. The visual produced by the Lyonnais Film truck brand will allow you to choose the size of trucks adapted to your board by brand.

film trucks chart

3. Cchoose the height of your skateboard trucks?

The distance between the hanger and the bottom of the deck determines the height of the trucks. Generally, mid-size trucks are suitable for most skateboarders, although they can be replaced with high or low trucks depending on the style of skating. 

  • Low: Designed for small wheels, low trucks provide additional stability for certain movements, such as flip tricks. We recommend a wheel size between 50 and 53 mm.
  • Mid: Mid-level trucks are solid choices for park or street skateboarding. We recommend a wheel size between 53 and 56mm.
  • High: Ideal for large wheels, trucks are ideal for a cruiser. We recommend a wheel size of 56mm.

3. The different brands


Ace: Founded in 2007 by Joey Tershay, Ace Trucks remains true to its slogan "quality without compromise". Very popular in the USA, the brand offers quality trucks with an excellent quality / price ratio.

Thunder: Founded by Fausto Vitello, Jim Thiebaud and Brian Ware in 1986, supporting a large team of pro skateboarders including Jamie Foy, Jake Hayes, Chima Ferguson, Tyshawn Jones and Nassim Guammaz, Thunder is known for its high quality trucks, considered among the best in the industry. With an emphasis on handling, stability and durability, each truck is made from wear-resistant materials like polished silver and forged aluminum. A wide variety of models including the 148 Hi Lights, 143 Team Truck and 147 Hi Phoenix Lights Truck lightweight trucks are available to meet different needs, one thing is certain is that each style has been built to last. 

Independent: Independent is one of the most iconic brands in skateboard history. Independent has been manufacturing high quality trucks for over forty years which have achieved near-cult popularity. Based in Santa Cruz, California Independent was founded by Richard Novak, Jay Shiurman, Fausto Vitello and Eric Swenson who worked together to launch the first Stage 1 model in 1978 which suited the bowling that was emerging at the time. "Indy" has developed products that are highly durable, adjustable and allow easy driving.