Skatepark Lobitos

A skatepark in Peru thanks to a raffle from Dunk Ben & Jerry's

Following the famous Nike SB dunk low release in collaboration with Ben & Jerry's (May 26, 2020), Wall Street Skateshop has partnered with the NGO "Concrete Jungle Foundation" to organize a paying raffle (at 3 € the entry ticket) in order to raise funds to build a concrete skatepark next to the sea and in the middle of the desert. 🌊
Localisation Lobitos skatepark Wallstreet
Following the sanitary conditions of COVID-19, the work was postponed several times, to finally see the light of day in September 2021.
(Some pictures of the construction 👇)
Concrete Jungle Foundation Travaux Bowl x WallstreetConstruction Bowl Pérou x Wallstreet

In just 17 days, volunteers from the "Concrete Jungle Foundation" association as well as locals joined forces to build a concrete bowl, with different modules to allow Peruvians to be able to skate in a quality park!
LONG Surf Lobitos who is there, also contributed to the construction of this bowl and mainly supports the community of young people of the village by offering a program through Surfing and Skateboarding.
(click on the link to find out more. 👈)
Photo Lobitos Skatepark
(below, a time-lapse of the construction of the bowl 👇)
(Clément taquet and Lisa Jacob @FOREVERPLAYGROUND managed the project together to make this bowl in Lobitos)

👉 To help the NGO Concrete jungle Foundation 👈

Photo credit : @ jesusrengifo92 &