Wallstreet pile board

The new electric collection designed by Anthony Dettori ⚡

The board :

During the competition organized by RAVE SKATEBOARD in 2020, the challenge was sizeable, designated his dream board for his favorite skateshop. 

For the occasion, the artist Anthony Dettori made two boards with an electric battery design during his participation, which unfortunately was not selected among the winners, but Wall Street decided to have his board produced!

The board comes with a medium concave, planks of different colors to remind the color of batteries like Energizer or Duracel.
Both colors come in 4 different sizes, 8" and 8.25" for UltraPower model (right).

That in the reflective model PowerPlus (left), the board comes in two different sizes, 8.125" so who 8.375".

The artist:

These two models were designated by the French artist Anthony Dettori, a graphic designer from Biarritz.

A video for the occasion by the rider Steeve Ramy: