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Jeremie Daclin and Film Truck

The Film Trucks brand was founded in 2000 by Jeremie Daclin as a side company of Cliché Skateboard to go independent in 2018 as an independent truck company.

Great values.
A brand with great promise, 100% French by a Lyonnais, has designed a durable truck, with an unbeatable quality / price ratio on the market, made for curving, making slappies, grinding, and riding on iconic spots.

A brand with good values that commit each year to donate 1% of the company's turnover to non-profit charities.

Compatibility of a saturated market.
Obviously, the question is, "Why did you create a brand of Trucks when the market is completely saturated." 

The answer is clear, Jérémie Daclin quotes "the market is too established with only a few brands. As 20 years ago, the market consisted only of American brands. Now it's all about European brands, it's time to open up the market with a new truck company. "

(Jeremie Daclin in action)

Indeed, the project was ambitious twenty years ago, but is very successful today, the stuff is of good quality, under European standards, with very low prices on the market, which makes a product inexpensive very good quality.

Why are they so interesting ?
Film Trucks brand trucks are already guaranteed for life, against all manufacturing defects, to endorse a pledge of quality.

Film Trucks are fitted with a 6-hole base, which means fans of old school and reissue skateboards can adjust the wheelbase of their mounts, which is a great option and allows great flexibility for the consumer.

Jeremie Daclin Skateboard Trucks are available in different sizes with a guide and also come in different colors and sizes.

ftc collab film truck wallstreet

Due to his nature and total love for skateboarding, Jeremy has a very hands-on approach to building his trucks. This means that he visits as many stores as possible that sell his products and the feedback is good. "The skate shops are super happy with the prices and the quality. They are happy to work with a brand they can turn to."

As a result, Wall Street Skateshop is also a retailer of the brand!
Discover the entire Film Truck collection here.

ilm Truck is a very talented sponsor.

This approach and willingness to do things the right way also applies to the team. “It is very important to pay the riders so that they can skate 100% and be professional,” he says. Film Trucks currently has two pro riders, Leo Valls and Jarne Verbruggen. Film Trucks also supports a number of other skateboarders, including Anton Myhrvold, Adrien Coillard, Bastien Marlin, Arno Wagner, Fred Plocque Santos, Victor Campillo, Enzo Morel and Jérémie himself.

 A promotional video entitled "Flamant Rose" is also available, with great talents, and superb trucks. ✌

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