Polar Board - Drivers License


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Deck Polar Oskar Rozenberg Drivers License grey. Made of high quality 7 ply maple. Graphic design by Jacob Ovgren, designer interne chez Polar skate co. 

Inspired by Malmö's local skateboarding community as well as the art and style of the 90s, Polar's unique aesthetic has earned the brand a solid international reputation based on an impressive team of skaters such as Aaron Herrington, Dane Brady and Shin Sanbongi.

7.875" X 31.625"
NOSE: 6.875"
WHEEL BASE: 14.25"
TAIL: 6.5"

8.25" X 31.875"
NOSE: 7.125"
WHEEL BASE: 14.125"
TAIL: 6.75"

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