Globe Skate Complet - KIDS Environmentalist Mini


Skateboard Globe complet - KIDS

The KIDS Environmentalist Mini color Cycle is available in size 7.0" x 28" x 12"WB. As with the big ones, the Kids Environmentalist boards are made with the best maple wood. "Hard rock" is a quality wood that not only brings a longer life to your skate, but also an exceptional flex.
The Kids Environmentalist decks have a medium curvature. The nose and tail are well raised while in the middle of the board the edges are not too high. This medium concave absorbs vibrations well for quiet and stable sliding sensations. Resin-7 technology (7 maple leaves and epoxy resin) is used to assemble the trays. The Kids Environmentalist boards are therefore light and durable. For every tree cut, we plant three.
This skateboard is mounted with 4.75" Tensor alloy trucks equipped with very flexible rubber suitable for young people, 51mm 95a wheels and a recycled rubber grip.

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