Globe Skate Complet - G1 Stack


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Skateboard complet Globe - G1 Stack

The G1 Stack complete board in Black/Candy Clouds color is available in size 8.375" x 32" x 14.25"WB The G1 models are made with maple called "hard rock", which is a resistant and dense maple for a solid board with more pop.
Full concave: in the middle of the plate the edges are well raised. This high concave results in an easily steerable board, responsive to support and more precise for throwing tricks. The Resin-7 construction is a structure made up of 7 plies of maple assembled with Epoxy resin to obtain solid, light boards that last over time. For every tree cut, Globe plants three.
The board is mounted with 5.5" Tensor Alloy trucks with lifetime warranty. The wheels are 53mm with a 99a duro offering better gliding comfort without losing speed. Black grip.
True skate art with pure and aesthetic lines inspired by the Globe spirit, the Black/Candy Clouds is Resin-7 quality at a low price to perform in the park as well as in the street.

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